Episode 28 - Weight gain in Business

When you are the face of your business, You can get really self-conscious about your image.
​Back in 2014, just 12 months after the birth of my son, I weighed in at my lightest weight of my adult life. I had lost just shy of 30kg. And I kept it off for 2 years.
​Then I went into life as a business owner. And since then, that weight has crept back on, slowly at first, but over the last 12 months, it came on fast.
​As a busy business owner, I put more importance on my business, then on my own health. I ate the fastest and most convenient of foods, because I “didn’t have time” to prep healthy meals.
​And when I took on a full-time employment contract for a year, while running my business on the side, it only got worse. And eventually, I lost my Gall Bladder.
​I kept putting off professional photos saying I’d wait until I lost the weight again. But if I kept putting it off. I’d never get started.
​I am putting a lot more importance on my health this year. I am putting myself first, before my business. Not to lose weight, but to improve my health, and mental clarity. But I refuse to hide from the camera in the meantime. Because what I look like, has no effect and the things that I know.