Episode 38 - How Lucy Peach The Power of the Period made me look at business different

This week I saw Constance Hall post about a book she is selling in the Queen’s shop. Written by Lucy Peach Called Period Queen. Later that day I saw Em Rusciano interviewed Lucy on her Podcast Emsolation – You can’t lock down glitter (Listen Here)

And I have to tell you. It spoke to my soul. Not only as a woman, but as a business woman. There is a power in our period, and in the phases of our cycle.

Lucy has spoken on the Power of the Period at two TED talks. I urge you to listen for yourself as we all have different cycles and we all will take away something different from her talks. You can listen to the 18 min long talk in Bunbury here, and the 10 min long talk in Perth here.

For me, the part that hit home was the realisation that I feel most aligned with who I am in my second week of my cycle. And I have placed an unfair expectation on myself to be that version of myself every day. I am not going to sustain that version of myself all month with the ebbs and flows of my cycle.

I have spoken before about your time table in your business and the importance of scheduling out non-negotiable time for yourself from your work calendar. Well I am taking it a step further. I am going to schedule out even more time for myself on weeks 1 and 4 of my cycle.

On week 1 I need to rest, and honour by body while it sheds the contents of my uterus no longer needed. I will reflect on my month that was, find ways to improve a little more next month, and not be so hard on myself to get shit done.

On week 2, I will schedule In time to develop new programs and services as I know ill have the energy and hustle nature to get it done.

On week 3, I will make sure that I check all new opportunities that come my way against my strategic plan instead of yelling “FUCK YES” at the proposal.

And on week 4, I will schedule out time in my calendar so that Week 3 me can not load me up with shit to do in her good YES-to-everything mood. And in that time I will channel what is usually rage into more creative pursuits. Which for straight line, black and white, logical me – is super bloody important.

I am going to pay more attention to my cycle not only for my personal life, but for my business life too. I’d love to hear your thoughts after you listen to Lucy’s Ted Talk. Leave me a comment below on what your key takeaway is.