Episode 36 - Systematising your Business

Want to know the secret to be able to scale your business and increase your profits?
It’s all in your systems!

Systemizing doesn’t have to be tech-based – it could just be a checklist. Though tech can make it easier to share with your team, and use on the go.

But first, find out your capability, and if you’re uncomfortable with tech – start with one thing at a time. But don’t let your fear of tech rule it out. You can absolutely learn.

Why do we systemise?

  • If it’s a repetitive task either automate or outsource it – leaving more time for billable work
  • You can keep track of your leads and not miss a sale
  • You can keep track when a client is coming to the end of the program, and you can sell to them again
  • It takes the icky feeling out of selling
  • It means you can scale easily and quickly

How do we systemise?

  • Take a week to note down every task you do and how long it takes you. Anything you are repeating – implement a system
  • If you already have a system – but it’s in your head – your need to start creating procedures (you van screen record, and hove someone create the dot points later if your time poor)
  • Procedures are important. If you get sick OR a child gets sick, or you just want to go on holiday, procedures mean someone else can step in with very little training.


My 5 tool suggestions for systemising:

Asana – This can really be the hub of your business. It helps track projects, you can schedule your internal admin tasks, create social media schedules. There is so much you can do in Asana. If you like checklists, this may be the best online tool to start with. It’s just like an electronic checklist.


Canva – Set up templates so it’s quicker for you, and easy for a VA to use. It saves your branding colors and fonts for you. Once you take the time once to create your image, You can re-use again and again quickly and easily. 


Email Funnels – You want to map out a nurture sequence for all new leads so your warming them up without lifting a finger. You also want to map out email series for when someone purchases from you. Map out your entire customer journey and find the spots you can automate


Template Email Responses – If you send the same email repetitively, but that cannot be automated, set up some templates so that you can reduce the amount of thinking and typing you need to do. In Gmail its called a canned response. In outlook you can just save it as a draft email. You leave spots in the email for you to customise. EG – an email you would send after a session with a client


Note taking app – You can use Evernote, Google Keep, Onenote by Microsoft, Dropbox paper. Somewhere you can dump your research , your blog post ideas, your content ideas. One that has voice to text is a great idea if your out and about. Use it as your bran dump so you never forget again. It can save on the multiple not pads in your office too.


Let your systems do your admin for you – You can hold out on the VA for longer and save some money.