Episode 33 - Fuck the Hustle

I am tired. Tired of hearing guru’s tell us to hustle. Tired of being told I need to pump out 100 pieces of content a day. Tired of hearing my clients so upset that they are not good enough.

The truth is – hustling doesn’t have to be a 24/7 thing.

On this week’s podcast, I talk about how when I finally gave up the hustle, I got my life back, and my business still flourished.

When I began my bookkeeping business, I had no money, no capital, nothing behind me. I used to follow her all of those gurus around the place that we’re pretty well known, and I used to watch everything that I could.

I would watch all of their you tubes, I would watch all of their Instagram stories. Read all of their blog’s to try to learn as much as I could from them.

When you spend time immersing yourself in all of that you can get this real sense of external pressure to push and hustle and grow big, but mainly hustle.

One particular guru who, I’m not going to use their name, has been quoted many, many times in saying that they don’t go to bed until all of that emails are replied to, even if that means that they don’t go to bed until two in the morning. Now, that’s ridiculous, he has a chef cooking his food for him every day. This person does nothing but their business and create content every day.

This person has a camera crew following them all day to create that content. And if they don’t go to bed till two in the morning, they’re also not waking up the next day, making school lunches, feeding babies any of that. So it can become quite dangerous as a business owner to listen to this stuff and be told you must make 100 pieces of content every day. You have to be on every social media platform. Don’t go to bed until all of your work is done in the day. You have to push, you have to hustle.

I’m sorry, but the hustle is bullshit.

The hustle makes you feel like you can’t stop working. You have to work at night. You have to eat your lunch at your desk. You have to work all weekend and sacrifice time with your family and time looking after you because that will all pay off one day and then you’ll be able to live the hashtag laptop lifestyle.

No, that’s not right, and it’s not fair to put that on people without giving them extra information and extra support.

In fact, the hustle made me so sick that I now have adrenal fatigue, and I spent four weeks in agonising pain pushing through before finally having my gall bladder taken out in emergency surgery.

When we go into that mindset, when we listen to this hustle, hustle, hustle, push, push, push 24/7 It really puts external pressure on us.

Now when you are a business owner, you kind of live your business 24/7. It is really hard to turn that off. There is such an expectation to keep going. It’s your source of income. If you stopped working on your business today and you have nobody else working with you, you aren’t gonna be making and the income. (hot tip – you can if you automate!)

So where do we find that balance? And that balance is what we want to look for. I’m not saying don’t hustle, I hustle and I hustle hard. But, I hustle in one very specific block of time every day.

So I want to give you my five top tips, to keep you safe, healthy and well in your business so that you’re not living that hustle lifestyle burning yourself out.

Tip 1 – Set a timetable each week.

Now, if you are a parent, you will know that this timetable sometimes will get thrown out the window for the day. The timetable may go out the window for a week. But the important thing is that you have one to come back to. You can use Excel or a piece of paper or even Google calendar.

Whatever tool you like best, and I want you to first put in all of the non-negotiable time. In fact, just black it out so that it doesn’t matter what that non-negotiable time is for. I don’t care if it’s to walk a dog. If it’s to sit and read a book, you don’t have to justify your non-negotiable time to anyone. It might be attending your kids parades to see them getting an award. It might be going on watching them play sport in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter what it is, it is your non-negotiable time so black that out right now.

And if that non-negotiable time happens to fall between nine and five, the usual business hours, that does not matter. It does not mean that you have to then work all night because you took the morning off to go and watch your child getting award. Absolutely not. So that’s number one in your timetable.

Tip 2 – Schedule in the time in the week that you’re going to work on your business.

Now, this is the time that you’re either doing administration and accounts work or you’re hustling. You’re doing your marketing. You’re creating your content. You’re coming up with the ideas and doing strategic planning. This is your hustle time. And then after that, what is left is the time that you have to work in your business.

Now that’s really important because when you do your financial planning, you need to know how many hours in the week that you have to work in your business, especially if you are trading time for money as a service-based business.

Tip 3 –  When you need it, do a business sprint.

Now there will be times in your business that you experience peak times. Some examples are a florist on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. All of those occasions you may have to work extra time in those weeks to be able to fulfill those extra sales. But that’s going to buy you time off later. If you’re working in the bookkeeping or financial industry, every quarter you have a spike in work. So you might even choose to have two months of working life than one month of part-time working life when it’s not as busy, especially at the end of the financial year. 

When we are needed more in our business rather than on our business. So that’s where you look at those requirements when you are schedule ahead. So if you’re going to launch a new product, don’t do it at a busy time of the year for you.

But if you do have to do a business sprint and sacrifice your time and work some weekends – put an end date on that. Is it just this weekend to get one little thing done? Is it a couple of weekends in a row? And if you are going to be working all weekend, it might be a good idea to decide what time in the day you are going to finish up – and stick to it. 

Tip 3 –  Automate as much as you can.

Now, I know when you’re starting out and you’re bootstrapping that sometimes money for subscriptions is hard to come by. But I want you to make a list of the things that you would like and the costs that are associated. Then work out which one of these is most important to you and is going to create the most return on investment for you.

If a $20 per month subscription means that you don’t have to be replying to emails all the time because your emails are automated, or if it means that you have a chatbot on your Facebook, because that’s your biggest lead generating tool, think of how much extra income you could generate saving that time.

So have a look and assess which of tools you’d like to use and where you can automate and which ones you’re going to implement and in what order. Which ones are most important for you?

Tip 4 – Reuse your content.

Now I’m a big fan of batching your content. I spend one day per week creating and scheduling my content for the week ahead. I used to do two weeks but at the moment with the changing environment, I do one week. I schedule that for Friday’s, my day where I like to do a lot of my administration. I like to work on my business. I don’t like to do too much client-facing work on a Friday because I am tired by then. And I know that my energy is down with my adrenal fatigue. I don’t have an unlimited amount of energy to give people, and I know that they’re not going to get the best of me on Friday. So I saved that work for a Friday where I’m quite capable of creating the content. Now, one podcast can become a blog, that can become at least three or four pieces of content for social media. Take little snippets of each paragraph and use it as your captions on their social media. Reuse your content, split it up into pieces and see what you can do with them.

Tip 5 –  Get yourself organised.

Use a task management tool or even just a notebook. Make sure that all of your tasks are scheduled in for a particular day so that you can ignore it until that day. So, for example, my content creation. If I come up with a fantastic podcast or block idea during the week, I have a project in my favourite tool, Asana. I have a little brain dump project in there called podcasting, blogging and content ideas. So instead of me being distracted and doing it right then, it’s in Asana and ready for me when I’m going to be creating that content, and I don’t forget about it.

Also, what’s really handy is when I do work weekends I schedule in the work that I’m going to get done on that day. And in fact, I love my little note pad so that I can get one more tab on the PC closed on the weekends. So I’m not being distracted and I can physically cross them off.

When I do have to do those important tasks that need me to work nights and on weekends, I want to get just those done and not be distracted by everything else.

Getting yourself organised, having task management or even just a way to be able to brain dump your ideas means that you can stay as productive as possible during that time in the week that you’ve set aside for billable work.

If you are having trouble getting organised and you’re not sure where to start or you’d like some handy tips on getting organised, well, I can help. I have a free five-day challenge. It’s not one of those challenges where you have to wait for the start date and join a special Facebook group and interact in the group every day to get the content. No, it is all in my learning management system. On my website inside the action takers portal. Sign up for it, it’s free and you start any day that suits you. You actually have access to all five days immediately, but I’ll send you an email every day to remind you to log in and have a look at the next day’s content.

So you can see that that hustle lifestyle is absolutely bullshit. You don’t have to follow that at all, but just a few little tweaks to your week to get you really organised so that you can hustle when you need to, will absolutely make the world of difference to you and your business and to your health.