Done For You Business Automation

Let your tech do the hard work for you

Need a done for you automation solution?

I know you.

You have some amazing ideas and potential for growth in your business. But before that can happen, you need to streamline your processes.

But you are so busy working in your business you don’t have the time to stop and create those processes.

It’s the ultimate catch 22.

Automating your business can give you back time for you and your staff in your business.

Meaning you can get on with other tasks. In some instances, automating your business can replace an entire full-time staff member.

Outsourcing your tech setup can allow you to get on with more important things in your business. Imagine I gave you an extra 5 hours (or more) back in your business this week. What could you do, and what profit could you make in that time?

When you work with me, I’m not going to sell you just any tech solution. I am going to work with you to make sure it’s going to solve your problems so you can work smarter, not harder.

There is no one size fits all solution. I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across many industries. I’ve seen the apps and programs that work. And I have seen the ones that quite frankly, were just rubbish. 

But most importantly, I’ll make sure everything fits with your strategic plan for now, and the future. Often when you go to a web developer, or another consultant to have your tech implemented, they don’t ask you why you want the system. They just sell you their package and get on with the job. It’s so important to know how much you have to spend, know that implementing a particular tech tool is going to give you an ROI, and is actually needed. Don’t have a strategic plan? I can help with that too.






How does it work?

I start by spending time with each of your staff individually. I find out what tasks take up the majority of their time and asses which ones can be automated. Then I take a look at the existing infrastructure of your business. Where possible, I attempt to work with what you already have.

Then I work with the Management team to get a good grasp of your vision and strategic plan for the business. This is crucial to implementing the right tech and is a step often left out by other consultants. Your implementation needs to work with your strategic plan and your budget.

I go away and assess all your needs and come up with your bespoke plan. Overhauling your entire system overnight can potentially harm your business and productivity. So we want to make sure the right steps, and right programs, are implemented in the right order.

Once the process is completed, you will have a full strategic tech and implementation plan. You have the choice of working through the plan yourself with your staff. Or I can offer a complete done for your package including training and processes manual. The choice is yours.

What can I help you implement?


✔️ Project/Task Management – Possibly the most important tool in your business kit. Second only to your accounting system. Being able to keep track of your tasks, schedule in projects, and track your time is key to business growth and success.

✔️ Accounting Programs – Not just needed to keep the tax man happy. A good accounting system should allow you to assess your Profits and cashflow with just a click of a button. Know exactly how much money you have to spend on those tool upgrades.

✔️ Online Booking Systems – let your clients book themselves into your calendar. Think of it as your own personal assistant.

✔️ Websites – I can assist you to decide the best platform for you and your needs, help you select add-ons and connect your online sales to Xero

✔️ CRM – Following up on your leads and maintaining customer relations is so crucial. Having a Customer Relations Management system can save you so much time, and increase your profits.

✔️ Email Marketing – Let your system work for you. Automate emails to your list when they sign up for freebies. Send your entire list an email when you have an upcoming sale. Convert your leads with a nurture sequence. And send review requests after a purchase.



1 Day Sprint

$1760 AUD per day


A 1 Day Sprint is a great way to get the bulk, if not all, of the implementation of your automation plan completed. Rather than quoting you for a project, and it dragging on for weeks with us tooing and froing with emails and info requests – I am going to carve out a full day in my calendar just for you.

I am all yours from 8 am until 5 pm. I don’t open my emails, social media, or take client calls. I focus 100% on your project and get it done on that day.

For this to work, I am going to need a laundry list of info, documents, and files beforehand so the day runs smoothly. I’ll work with you to make sure I have all I need.  

1 Day Sprints can work for 1 or a mix of the options listed to the left.

Book in for a chat on the calendar below and see if the 1 Day Sprint is right for your project.


 The financials

This is a highly customizable plan, and depends on the implementation requirements and the number of staff in your business. Book in a complimentary meeting below and we can have a chat about your requirements, then ill provide you with a customised quote. We can discuss if the 1 Day Sprint might be an option for you.

Not sure if I’m the business specialist for you?

I completely get it: it can be nerve-wracking to try something new and jump into the unknown. Why not check out my podcasts, or one of my free resources. You can always book in below for a 30 min chat to see if we are the right fit for each other. It’s complimentary, no credit card details required!


About Me

I'm Rebecca Corbett. I help businesses to automate and streamline their processes. No BS, No Fluff, just strategically planned bespoke options.

I'm not your typical business consultant. I haven't just done it myself (twice actually - and successfully) I've also helped over 700 business owners—just like you—take action to thrive.

I have been an employee in so many different industries. Some say that's career suicide. I say I've been in training my whole life for just this moment. It's given me exposure to so many apps, hacks and tricks. And I want to share them with you.

When you work with me, you are not just dealing with an automation specialist. You're also getting a tech implementor, trainer, numbers nerd and strategic planner all rolled into one. 

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You can go it alone, just you and Google. Or, you can pick my brain and come up with a plan that suits you, your business and your budget. No lock-in contracts lasting 6 months. Just book as you need a session.

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